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Oxygen Therapy Facial Treatment


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Oxygen Therapy Facial Treatment


Have you ever dreamed of enjoying all the benefits of a radiant, rejuvenated face but without the risks of surgery, injections or anything invasive? Then our newest facial service – which has become known in elite Hollywood circles as the “Oxygen Facial” – is perfect for you.

Our new, cutting-edge Oxygen Therapy Treatment uses pressurized oxygen to infuse and activate specially formulated serums deep inside the skin, including deep-cleansing hyaluronic acid, invigorating vitamins and healing aloe vera. The experience has all the pampering, luxuriant pleasure of a normal facial, but with more than double the cleansing and rejuvenating impact.

Even one session will make a big visible difference, refreshing your complexion and leaving you with a beautiful contented glow. A whole course of treatments will transform your face, rolling back the years to make you appear as bright, youthful and beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside.

The technology has been pioneered in Hollywood over the last decade and has picked up devoted followers including Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Mark Wahlberg, Justin Timberlake, and even Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge.

Our lead facial technician Emmy recently got the chance to witness the results of Oxygen Therapy and knew at once that we had to be one of the first Spas in Brisbane to offer it.

“I’ve been providing facials for more than twelve years and love to see my clients leave looking and feeling better. I’m always keen to learn ways to make my work even more effective, and Oxygen Therapy feels like it’s a huge step forward,” said Emmy. “There will still be women for whom a traditional facial will provide just the right amount of love and lift to their face, but for anyone who wants a deeper impact and more powerful rejuvenation, I’d urge them to try this.”

To find out more call Emmy now on 0487 013 000

We don’t have any VIP packages or indeed VIP customers because everyone should get VIP treatment every time.…”

Thi Thanh Nguyen (Emmy), YOUR BEAUTY THERAPIST

We now are an Intraceuticals certified and endorsed company offering the renowned Hollywood Oxygen Facial that major celebrities use and endorse, come in and you will walk out amazed at the result and difference this treatment will make, your skin will be like new.